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10 year anniversary of the referendum-95: white-red-white flags can be seen throughout the country, young people are protesting against the degradation of the historical memory of the Belarusians

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On the night of 13 and 14 May, the Young Front activists put up several dozens of the white-red-white flags in protest at the anti-state referendum of 1995 that changed the national symbols. National flags were hoisted in Minsk, Vitsebsk, Brest, Homel, Mahilou, Hrodna, Lida, Masty, Zelva, Zhodzina, Vorsha, Baranavichy, Babruisk, Smaliavichy, Asipovichy, Polatsk and Khotsimsk. In Minsk the Young Front put up the flags at the entrance to the city, in the center of the city, and on a bridge over the Svislach river. In Vitsebsk a three-meter flag appeared next to the regional executive committee, and all of the city had the stickers saying "THE CITY BELONGS TO US".
On 15 May Skaryna Avenue in Minsk, which A.Lukashenka renamed recently, saw another peaceful action of protest against the insult on the historical memory of the Belarusians. Over fifty young people, who represented the youth initiatives Voka, Volnaie moladzi and the BPF youth, walked from the Kastrychnitskaia metro station to Yakub Kolas square holding portrait of Skaryna and his well-known aphorism about patriotism and books in their hands. Other people were joining. On their way there were detained by the police officers several times. The surprising thing happened at Victory Square, where a patrolling officer read Skoryna's famous quotation, when talking to his chief over the walkie-talkie: "Just like animals born in a desert know their holes, birds know their nests, and bees protect their hives, so people should have great love for the place they were born and grew up". When the officer asked what to do, he got the following response: "Wish them luck". However, after entering the territory of the infamous Savietski BBIA, the participants of the impromptu procession came against much fiercer opposition from the police. Outside the philharmonic society, Frantsishak Viachorka was detained, who played the part of the printing pioneer with a book under the arm and a cloak over his shoulders. When laying flowers to the monument of Yakub Kolas, Aliaxei Halaunia, Paval Miatlitski, Uladzimir Bychynau, Vasil Veramieichyk, Zmitsier Shostak, Ruslan Sierbin and Artsiom Rusanienka were detained. They were all taken to Savietski BBIA, where they were released without reports composed, explanations given and apologies offered. The young people plan to continue the non-violent actions of protest, reports the press service of the BPF Party.

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