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The world journalist organizations are concerned over the course of investigation into the murder of V.Charkasava

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The World Association of Newspapers (WAN) and the International Association for Freedom of Expression made statements expressing concern over the course of the investigation into the murder of Veranika Charkasava, a journalist of the independent newspaper Salidarnasts.
The world association of newspapers addressed a letter to A.Lukashenka, in which it urges him to “stop the persecution against the family” of V.Charkasava and make sure that “the results of the independent investigation be brought to attention, and the official investigation be conducted in a non-partisan way”. The address of the World Association of Newspapers was supported by the International Association of the Freedom of Speech. These organizations remind that the investigation did not disclose any facts proving link between the murder of the journalist and her professional activity and dismisses the allegations of inadmissible or illegal investigating methods used. The WAN statement quotes the statements made by V.Charkasava, according to which the investigation is not elaborating versions other than a common murder. (BAJ)

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