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The 27 April concert by Krama scheduled to take place in the Reactor nightclub was banned – after initial permission, the event organizers were eventually denied the opportunity

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Culture Department of Minsk City Executive Committee did not issue the organizers a touring certificate without giving any reasons. Uladzimir Khamiankou, the head of the department for arts, says that his department has not received any applications: “We have no papers filed, which concern the mentioned event”.
The Krama director Paval Kashyryn had a personal talk with Khamiankou: “He said he had reasons not to allow us to hold the concert. True, he did not mention what these reasons were”. “This was no surprise for me. Morally, I was prepared for such course of events”, commented Ihar Varashkievich on the news.
The group director Paval Kashyryn says that a rather amazing thing happened, because he has repeatedly agreed the concert issue with the club administration. But they failed to make themselves protected against risks: “We thought we had a deal with the Reactor, we already had advertising posted in the subway…”, says Mr. Kashyryn sadly. The Krama performers are in the same state as the Neura Dzubel musicians were two weeks ago. Ihar Varashkievich makes a sad joke: “Shall we call ourselves “Dr. Varasha’s Chronicles?” The option of holding the concert under a different name was also considered. They also considered the idea of temporarily restoring the old name of the group – Rokis, however, the club administration did not agree to that. “I understand them very well – no one would want to risk in such conditions”, says P.Kashyryn.There was a rumor that the 27 April concert would be the last one for Krama”. As it turned out, Varashkievich had been planning to part with the old program and declare a new stage in the life of the group.
Siarhei Budkin

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