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Newspaper business should have no room for foreign capital

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 14 April an officer of the Pinsk-based regional branch of the State Control Committee arrived at the editorial office of the Zhivaya voda newspaper (founded by the state-owned concernt Bedmeliavadhas) issued in Minsk. He familiarized the senior editor of the publication Valiantsina Navarych with the regulation by the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus. The document said that the editorial offices of the newspapers founded by the state-owned institutions and organizations should not have as founders private individuals, individual entrepreneurs and businessmen with a share of foreign capital. The editor was not allowed to keep this document. As requested by the State Control officer, V.Navarych signed a declaration, in which she promised not to cooperate with the above persons over the issue of the newspaper, or use foreign sponsor help.
Also, the newspaper editor communicated brief information about the registration date, the periodicity and coverage, and also confirmed that her newspaper subordinated to Brest Regional Executive Committee will not be printed in printers other than KUP Pinsk Regional Printers. (monitoring service of BAJ)

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