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KGB Wants Seviarynets Ask for Political Asylum

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 30 March Siarhei Lisichonak, vice-chair of Young Front and member of Belarusian People’s Front, was stopped in the center of Minsk by a KGB worker, who introduced himself as “Kiryl”. At first he spoke about Young Front and the activation of its work during the recent street actions. Then he said that Pavel Seviarynets (accused on a criminal case) was “on the hook” and it became simpler to limit his political activity. He also stated that KGB wanted Seviarynets to ask for political asylum abroad.

Then the KGB worker proceeded to Siarhei Lisichonak. He proposed to him to present information about Young Front to KGB and instead promised that the organization would be able to conduct any meetings and assemblies without any troubles. He also said that in the case Lisichonak refused, KGB would make political provocations with the aim to discredit him. The KGB worker also threatened Lisichonak with other forms of intimidation. Nevertheless, S. Lisichonak refused to cooperate, though he was asked to “seriously think it over”.

Siarhei Lisichonak gave the following commentary:
-- To my mind, the regime is afraid of the moods that begin to prevail in Belarusian society, afraid of the repetition of the Ukrainian or Georgian scenarios. Evidently, one of the reasons why KGB wanted to talk to me was that I was elected the coordinator of the mobilization campaign in Minsk.

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