Belarusian Official Delegation in Geneva Spies Representatives of Belarusian NGOs

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Representatives of Belarusian NGOs were surprised to notice, that on the end of their meetings with national delegations that participated in the 61st session of the UN Committee on Human Rights representatives of the official Belarusian delegation followed their steps seemingly tried to disprove the information on human rights violations in Belarus that was distributed by the NGOs’ representatives.

Mr. Aleinik, head of the official Belarusian delegation, personally participated in this action. For instance, after the planned meeting with representatives of Belarusian NGOs the head of Brazilian delegation was suddenly stopped by Mr. Aleinik and had to listen to all his arguments.

-- The official Belarusian delegation in Geneva seems doing nothing except for spying Belarusian human rights activists and “smoothing” the situation, -- resumed Viasna chair Ales Bialiatski.