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Justice Ministry Plans Liquidation of 80 Units of Belarusian People’s Front

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the BPF press-service

The Ministry of Justice sued to the Supreme Court with the proposition to liquidate the 80 organizational structures of Belarusian People’s Front that were situated in dwelling houses. The ministry believes it is violation of Article #8 of the Housing Code of the Republic of Belarus, according to which dwelling houses must be used only for dwelling.

The layer Uladzimir Labkovich gave the following commentary:
-- Taking into account that the court system of Belarus is dependent and also bearing in mind the court practice of judge Kulik who had liquidated Human Rights Center Viasna there’s no hope that this trial will differ much from other ones.

According to Labkovich, the process of liquidation of the organizational structures of political parties, started by the Ministry of Justice, has nothing to do with the law and is of purely political nature.

-- No normative acts demand from the organizational structures of political parties to have juridical addresses. Moreover, according to judge Kulik, the texts of the warnings, issued by the ministry, aren’t well-grounded. BPF Party decided to take part in the trial in order to point at the discriminative situation in the country, -said Labkovich.

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