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In the evening of 30 March police started seizing Mikhail Marynich's property

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

This is the information provided by Radio Liberty.
According to the verdict passed on 30 December by Minsk Borough Court, Mikhail Marynich was incarcerated, with his property to be seized. On 30 March at 9.p.m. court marshals came to Mikhail Marynich’s apartment. Mikhail Marynich’s sons are indignant at the authorities' actions. Ihar Marynich is sure that court marshals came at such an hour on purpose. He thinks this was done to humiliate the family: “I think this is just humiliating. All of this could be done by daylight. Our mother is a very sick woman. There was a tonometer on the table. She was taking her pressure. And now what? Taking pills for the night? But they did not care at all what the people are feeling, what they think... There is a war going on, so all means come into use. The people who have no conscience won’t listen".
Court marshals explained that they work from 9 till 6 in the evening, fulfilling court confiscation commissions.

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