Pressbol Senior Editor Property Attached

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The property was attached on 11 March with a view to exacting from U.Bierazhkou 10 mln roubles paybale to Mikalai Korbut, Minister of Justice of Belarus. On 10 February the Court Collegium on Civil Cases of Minsk State Court upheld the ruling passed by the Central Court of Minsk in the case of M.Korbut against the publisher of the newspaper – UP Pressbol Plus. According to the court ruling, the information printed in the newspaper issue 128 dated 22 October 2004 was found to be libelous and undermining the dignity of the Minister of Finance.
The court ruled that M.Korbut should be awarded damages worth 30 million rubles, with 10 million rubles to be exacted from U.Bierazhkou. On 3 March UP Pressbol transferred 30 million rubles to M.Korbut's account, and the publication editor transferred another 120 thousand rubles. On 11 March a court marshal came to U.Bierazhkou to attach the property. The property attached includes: an electric kettle, a wardrobe, a vacuum-cleaner, a washing machine, etc. On 14 March Bierazhkou's wife went to court requesting half of the attached property should be excluded from the attachment list because of the law saying that half of the property amassed within the marriage duration is not subject to attachment. (BAJ).