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Mikola Autukhovich Continues his Hunger-Strike. Eight people joined in the hunger-strike on the 19 April.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

This is the information provided by All of the hunger-strikers are veterans of the Afghan War, just like Mikola Autukhovich. Out of them, seven work in the Nika-Trans and will lose their jobs if the company's account gets blocked.
In October 2003 the owner of the Radio-taxi Autukhovich also was on a hunger-strike to protest against the actions of the taxation committee, which, he thinks, is set to destroy his business. At that time 30 people employed by Autukhovich and Nika-trans joined in the action. During two years Mikola Autukhovich filed complaints with all levels of the judicial system, including the procurator's office. Now he has received a much-delayed answer of the Supreme Economic Court regarding the violations of the business rules. Because of this, the businessman has no possibility to appeal the court ruling. However, Autukhovich thinks that would not make any sense, anyway. He is now preparing an open letter to the president and continuing with his hunger-strike.
The Nika-trans employees who gathered today at the company's office decided to join in the protest action. According to Mikola Autukhovich, the hunger-strike may highlight not only the problems of doing business in Vaukavysk, but also the overall state of the small business in the country.
Natallia Makushina

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