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Human rights activists of Kyrgyzstan truth should be told about what is happening in Kyrgyzstan.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the human rights activists, Russian media often provide distorted coverage of what is happening in Kyrgyzstan. The truth is that what the people demand does not focus exclusively on the elections and the violations committed. More and more people require that Mr. Akaev should step down, the results of the first and the second round annulled, and the old parliament allowed to work on until summer, and early presidential elections called.
In Jalal-Abad the Popular Assembly (Kurultay) of the Kyrgyz people took place.
Around 10000-12000 people of all regions in the Republic took part in the event, prominent public activists and politicians joining in: the Bakievs (all of the brothers), Meder Usonov, Bektur Asanov, Beknazarov, Sadyk Usenov, Omurbek Tekebae, Rosa Otunbaeva, Bolzhurova, Dooronbek Sadyrbaev, Topchubek Turgunaliev and others. All of the people who addressed the assembly mainly argued that Akaev should resign, that the people are tired of his pseudo-reforms, that Akaev has usurped power and is now creating a khan dynasty. All of the speakers demanded freedom for F.Kulov and genuine freedom of speech.
Everybody said that under the current regime fair and clean elections are out of question in Kyrgyzstan.
As a result, they decided to set up a Regional Kenesh. Zhusup Zheenbekov was elected Chair of the Kenesh, with Zhanysha Kurbanova (Aksy) his assistant.
Around 400 police equipped with shields and truncheons were there.
The kurultay also decided to hold a similar kurultay in Talas on 17 March, and in Osh on 18 March. They also adopted an appeal to the people about the worst problems in Kyrgyzstan now. After the appeal was adopted, someone suggested removing Akaev's portrait featured on a billboard in the central square outside a hotel. Several guys of those present climbed the billboard and took the portrait down. As they did so, around ten special police agents rushed to them to detain them, but the people interfered and did not let them do that.
The Kurultay organizers decided that self-defense groups should be created. Also, on top of the mountain around 20 mounted police could be seen. The other 400 horsemen (according to the organizers) were in the hollow.
The oblast administration building is still occupied by the protesters.
The Osh-Bishkek highway is blocked by the protesters.

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