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Belarusian observers in Kyrgyzstan disclosed multiple cases of the election law flagrantly violated

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The ENEMO observation mission that worked in Kyrgyzstan on 27 February argued that the parliamentary elections were undemocratic and non-transparent. On the one hand, the election commissions quite accurately followed legally-defined procedures regarding the count of the votes and the overall work. On the other hand, the voters were often tampered with, the authorities exerted pressure, the electoral district commissions replaced with precinct commissions.
Three observers from Belarus Alies Bialiatski, Uladzimir Labkovich and Uladzimir Vialichkin, all Viasna members, who worked in different regions of Kyrgyzstan completely agree with the ENEMO official statement, because they themselves disclosed multiple cases of the election commissions and authorities flagrantly violating the election law, including election commissions making replacement protocols instead of those provided by the precinct commissions, representatives of the authorities present in the stations, pressure exerted on the voters, cases of tampering with the voters, etc. The brightest cases of violations were quoted by U.Labkovich at the ENEMO press-conference for journalists.
Nonetheless, Belarusian observers are unanimous – the Kyrgyz election law is much more democratic than Belarusian, which, when compared against the election laws of CIS countries, even such as Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan, look utter nonsense.
The OSCE observation mission to Kyrgyzstan are also quite distressing. They also revealed a large number of violations that do not allow these elections to be considered as democratic and transparent.

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