Siarhei Skrabets, Respublika faction leader, Detained in Hrodna

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 27 February unknown people in civil clothes detained the former deputy of the Chamber of Representatives, Siarhei Skrabets. The detention occurred outside General Valery Fralou’s house in Sviardlau Street. Siarhei Skrabets left the house, got into his car to be immediately blocked by another car. People in plain clothes got out of it.
According to V.Fralou, his house is watched and his telephone is tapped. He believes that that was the only reason why the police knew S.Skrabets’ whereabouts.
According to the general, the police most probably had been looking for S.Skrabets to punish him for the Hrodna businessmen’s rally that took place on 10 February. Before the rally occured, a flyer appeared in the city, which, in particular, was signed by Fralou and Skrabets. V.Fralou himself was fined in the amount of 7 million 200 thousand rubles (USD1=2200 rubles). The general thought that Mr. Skrabets might have been taken to the Leninski BBIA of the city. However, the on-duty officer in the Leninski Borough Police Department said in a telephone conversation with the Radio Liberty correspondent that S.Skrabets had not been brought there.
Siarhei Skrabets arrived in Hrodna to meet with students in the medical school dorms. They put their signatures to nominate him as a candidate for the Chamber of Representatives from the 52 City Central Electoral District. However, the commission did not register him, quoting as a reason 81 voters who have withdrawn their signatures. The voters live in the students’ dorms.
***As became known, he was brought to the Leninski Borough Police Department. Siarhei Skrabets was placed into a detention cell in the Leninski BBIA. It is believed he will be taken to court on Monday, which will hear an administrative case against him. The police believe he is behind the Hrodna businessmen’s rally, which took place on 10 February. The flyer signed by Siarhei Skrabets and some other people called on the businessmen to gather on that day in the Old City Park.