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Siarhei Skrabiets Denied Political Asylum in Russia

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation has refused political asylum to the leader of the deputy faction Republic in the Chamber of Representatives of the previous convocation. Mr. Skrabiets applied for asylum at the end of the last year.

The reasons why Siarhei Skrabets asked for political refuge include persecution by the Belarusian authorities, as well as a desire to secure safety for his family and himself.

His letter sent to the President of Russia says, "This is no capitulation but changing over to new conditions of the struggle." If the Russia's leader had acted in accordance with the UN Convention of 1951 and granted to the former parliamentary the status of a political refugee, this would have allowed him to live in Russia even if Belarus sent an extradition request. However, the former deputy did not receive a positive response. "They say they can't give me political asylum because citizens of our countries can travel across the borders on a no-visa basis. If you attempt to read between the lines, they make it clear that they could have granted political asylum but for this reason", said Mr. Skrabets to Radio Liberty.

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