Former Candidate to Parliament Asks for Political Asylum in Ukraine

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In his appeal the president of the Ukraine the former candidate to Belarusian Parliament, citizen of Zhodzina and activist of United Civil Party Aliaksandr Vawchanin states that Belarusian and authorities create danger for his health and life. On 25 January Vawchanin passed his appeal for Yushchenko to the Embassy of the Ukraine in Belarus.

There he wrote: Dear Mr. President, I ask You to give me political asylum in Your country in connection with the death threats of the authorities and secret services…

-- They want to make short work of me as a candidate to the Parliament. An official of secret services warned me about it. He and his subordinates refused to do it. I think one should believe if information comes from such serious sources,” – said Vawchanin to RFE/RL.

Aliaksandr Vawchanin has already taken a letter of absence at Zhodina hospital where he works as ambulance medical attendant and is waiting for the decision of Viktor Yushchenko. He hopes that the new president of the Ukraine will satisfy his request. In his appeal Vawchanin also mentioned his participation in the orange revolution in Kyiv.

By the way, in a month after his return from Kyiv Zhodzina officials checked for which money he went there and why he didn’t work those days. After this check-up Vawchanin already asked Yushchenko to urge Aliaksandr Lukashenka to stop the pressurization of Belarusian participants of Ukrainian orange revolution.

Aliaksandr Vawchanin is a member of the UCP National committee and was a deputy of Zhodzina City Deputy Soviet two times. During the last election he ran for a seat at the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly, but was deprived of candidate’s registration by the officials.

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