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German Fund “Memory, Responsibility and Future” Disproves Belarusian TV

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 13 January Belarusian TV broadcast a program with pretensions to Belarusian National Fund “Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation”. For instance, some of the commissions of the fund that were situated in capitals of Belarusian regions were charged with groundless refusals to accept documents for financial compensation that were filed by victims of fascism. As a result, the administration of German Federal Fund “Memory, Responsibility and Future” adopted the statement where all accusations of Belarusian TV to Belarusian National Fund “Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation”.

According to the Federal Fund, Belarusian Fund has always effectively defended the interests of all victims of national-socialist persecution in Belarus, delicately treating their hard fates and all the check-ups of the fund proved it.

In the statement of the Federal Fund it is said that every applicant whose application was rejected had the possibility to apply to the independent Bureau of Complaints in Minsk. This bureau checked the reasonability of the decisions, taken by Belarusian Fund. The conclusions of the Bureau of Complaints were also checked by the Federal Fund, which had no reasons for assuming that the norms of the law were violated and used against victims.

-- During the nearest months Belarusian Fund will finish the schedule of payments on the second part of the project. We are absolutely sure that Belarusian Fund can continue its work till it finishes paying the financial compensations. Judging by the results of our last check-ups which will continue till the end of the activity of Belarusian Fund, we can say: “We trust to Your work and You completely deserve this trust”, -- is said in the statement of the Federal Fund “Memory, Responsibility and Future”.

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