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Prosecutor's Office Doesn't Answer to Complaints of Candidates to Parliament

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the press service of the BPF Party

Several days ago the deputies of deputy soviets of districts of Minsk, members of Belarusian People's Front Ales Mikhalevich and Yury Ziankovich received the answer to their complaints against the deprival them of the right to be elected. The thing is that the presidium of Minsk Regional Deputy Soviet deprived a part of the deputies of the deputy soviets of Minsk district of the right to be nominated as candidates to the Parliaments. By this the presidium violated the Constitution and electoral legislation. However, Central Election Commission stated that their participation in the election "couldn't influence the results of the voting" and stated it wasn't a law violation. Minsk Regional Prosecutor's Office passed the complaint of the BPF members to Maladechna inter-district prosecutor. Before that Maladechna Inter-District Prosecutor's Office passed this complaint to Minsk Regional Prosecutor's Office. It looks as the officials don't want to take the responsibility for consideration of the complaint and the answer to it.

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