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Activists of Assembly of NGOs Present Proposals for Ammendment of Legislation about Public Organizations in Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

After the public discussion these proposals will become the fundament for the demands of the third sector to change the legislation.

-- It is one more attempt to make the right to association not declarative, but real right of citizens, -- said the head of the liquidated "Independent Society of Legal Research" Alena Tankachova, active participant of "Our Solidarity" campaign and one of the initiators of the proposals.

According to her, now, on the eve of the adoption of the new law "On public associations" it is the time for public organizations to demonstrated their general position concerning the new law.

-- The Ministry of Justice invited representatives of about 50 loyal public organizations for the discussion of the new law. TO our mind, they don't represent all branches of Belarusian third sector. We must elaborate our proposals and lobby their adoption so that the ministry couldn't say none of the organizations except the invited ones expressed their view on the law, -- said the coordinator of the collective defence system of NGOs Yury Chavusaw.

Among the existing demands to the law are such as the liquidation of the prohibition to act on behalf of unregistered organization and place the juridical address in the places of habitation of the initiators of the creation of the organization. One of the emphasized demands is also to exclude the notorious Commission on registration and re-registration of public associations from the list of the registering bodies. Alena Tankachova is sure it would return th eregistration of NGOs to the normal state and turn it into a juridical procedure from a political one.

The block of proposals was sent for familiarization to the members of the organizations who are members of the Assembly of NGOs and other interested persons. The discussion of the document will last for two monthsafter which the organizers will present the final variant of their proposals and say which methods the public organizations will use for getting their proposals executed.

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