The chair of electoral commission denied the empowered person of the candidate to be at the polling station.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The chairperson of Mahilewskaja-Kastrychnitskaja electoral region #73 Natallia Haletskaja denied Siarhey Hirkin, the empowered person of the candidate Vasil Auramenka, to be present at the polling station №105 of this region.

Siarhey Hirkin being an empowered person was observing the process of preterm elections at this polling station from the very beginning. On October 15 Hirkin noticed a violation of EC of Belarus which was in not making anything to safe the polling boxes (the room with the polling box was not sealed and a side person (policeman) was left with them). He made a complaint about the violation and forwarded it to the regional commission #73.

At around 11:00 Mrs. Chaletskaja appeared at the district #105. When she saw Mr. Hirking taking out the dictaphone to record the meeting she took it away from Mr. Hirkin and ran out of the room. After that Mrs. Haletskaja returned the Dictaphone back to Mr. Hirkin but with a damaged cassette (the tape was torn). She also declared that Mr. Hirkin “makes the commission nervous” and forced him to leave the polling room.

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