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Forged Leaflets on BPF Candidate’s Behalf

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Hrodna forged leaflets on behalf of BPF candidate Mikola Voran are spread. He believes the leaflets appeared with the purpose to discredit him and cancel his registration
The leaflets appeared in Hrodna-Zaniomanskaya district where Mikola Voran is running. The text of the leaflets demonstrates that they were produced with only one purpose: to deprive the candidate of the possibility to participate in the election campaign. Further you can read the full text of the leaflet:

“In case I get elected I GUARANTEE you:
In Belarus everything should be only for Belarusians!
Definite “NO” to Russian language!
To give everything away to investors from the West (land, minerals, and enterprises)!
Our Belarusian guys – to serve in NATO Army!
All power – to BPF members!
I, Mikola Voran, chair of Hrodna city BPF Party, guarantee prosperity and order to you!”

Mikola Voran applied to the city prosecutor requesting to promptly investigate the case and find organizers and executors of the provocation.
The candidate does not exclude that these leaflets he has nothing to do with, might lead to cancellation of his registration.

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