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Autazavodzki Commission Cancels Registration of Alaksei Yanukevich, Vice-Chair of BPF Party

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On today’s session of the district election commission, presided by Mr. Padalak, Alaksei Yanukevich received the 2nd warning for alleged spreading of “5 Steps to Better Life” leaflets. The accusation statement was filed by citizen Babitski and another individual who preferred to stay anonymous. The first warning to the candidate was issued earlier on the same ground.

“We still don’t have the minutes, but I suppose the wording will be something like “attraction of additional funds in campaigning and exceeding the leaflet circulation”, -- says Andrei Sarotnik, candidate’s proxy, “we were accused of alleged spreading of 5+ leaflets printed in Omsk, or Tomsk, Russia”.

The decision of the district election commission will be appealed to CEC.

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