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State-Owned Information Agency Spreads Words of Support to Lukashenka by Foreign Nationals, Violates Election Code

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Although the Election Code directly prohibits foreign citizens to campaign during elections and referendums, state-run information agency BelTA publishes calls of foreign citizens to vote for Lukashenka on its free-access web-site and various official newspapers.
This Thursday, October 14, BelTA spread the statement of Zhores Alferov, a Russian citizen. The Nobel Prize winner stated: “Thanks to the titanic work of the president Belarus became the only republic of the former Soviet Union, where the national property did not get plundered”. Mr. Alferov sent a message to Alexander Lukashenka where he reminded of the Russia-Belarus Union State and said: “I am sure in Yours – ours common victory”.
In 90 minutes after that BelTA quoted Parviz Maddah, director of MAZIran, Belarus-Iran joint venture, who said that Mr. Lukashenka is “a real, an exclusively political figure, which it would be difficult to find a substitute for”, and “the leader with tremendous experience”.

The Central Election Commission still has not commented on the behavior of BelTA agency which had published dozens of materials with agitation by foreign citizens.

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