The registration of the democratic candidates – A. Dabravolski and V. Palevikova – was stopped on the grounds of “letters from veterans” (Radio Liberty)

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Electoral commissions #95 and #96 in Miensk stopped registration of UCP candidates Valiantsina Palevikova and Aliaksandar Dabravolski on October 11. Palevikova and Dabravolski explain such actions by the order of the authorities and are going to quarrel the decision of the district commissions in CEC.

The meetings of both commissions were held in neighboring rooms of the Kastrychnitski city district administration.

To the commission of the district #96 an appeal was sent with information that some young people were putting Dabravolski’s leaflets to the mail boxes. At the same time they were putting there leaflets “Say NO to Lukashenka” and newspaper “Nedzelia” with anti-presidential slogans.

The Chairperson of the Comission, Mikalai Blin, announced that at weekend the members of the commission checked the data and “the facts were confirmed”. The commission found violations of the law in these facts: subornation of the electorate, exceeding if the funds for the agitation campaign and distribution of anonymous materials.

Mr. Dabravolski noted that empowered persons were distributing only his leaflets but, nevertheless, distribution of the materials for the referendum and legal newspapers cannot be considered as law-violation. Moreover, it is still not found out who distributed those materials.

A. Dabravolski already had one warning and the chairperson of the commission, Mikalaj Bilin, acknowledged that his liberal attitude to Mr. Dabravolski was not approved by those “up there”. This time the commission acted much stricter. The members of the commission stopped the registration of the oppositional candidate.

Aliksandar Dabravolski and his empowered people expressed their assurance in the fact that that was provocation on behalf of the authorities.

The similar letters are said to come concerning Valiantsina Palevikova. In the letters the electorate proved that she was distributing newspaper “Narodnaja Volia” with her portrait nearby Chervienski Market. The commission considered this fact to be exceeding of the funds for agitation and subornation of the electorate.

Valiantsina Palevikova is sure that the authorities conducted surveys in the districts and when they saw the results they were ready to stop her registration baselessly but only not to let her be elected.