Search for Stolen Things at “Civil Initiatives”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 7 and 8 October the police of Homel and Homel region conducted several actions with “participation” of members of the liquidated Homel regional public association “Civil Initiatives” and the unregistered “Civil Alternative”. The police suspected them in theft of things and a car and also looked for a bomb at the organization office.

On 7 October police inspector paid a visit there. He said that in the microbus of the lawyer Leanid Sudalenka there were stolen things. Then he called other policemen, told them to come and help in the search. However, when the policemen arrived, the microbus wasn’t in its place. In two hours it appeared at the entrance of the office again. According to the head of “Civil Alternative” Uladzimir Katsora, nothing disappeared from it and nothing new appeared either.

The following day Leanid Sudalenka, who wasn’t registered as candidate to parliament, went to the town of Khoyniki by this bus. There he wanted to thank electors for their support and agitate them to vote against giving Aliaksandr Lukashenka the possibility to run for the third term.

Near Khoyniki the microbus was ringed by the police, who stated the bus was stolen. As a result they detained Sudalenka and searched the bus.

At the same time a police major appeared in the office of “Civil Initiatives” in Homel. He said that there was a bomb in the building. In several minutes the building was ringed by the police and the organization activists left it. According to Katsora, about 80 policemen participated in the “search for bomb”, including the prosecutor of Homel Savetski Borough Prosecutor’s Office:

-- The office door was closed and the police wanted to break it when I came, -- said Katsora. He agreed to open the door with the condition that only two policemen and sapper would enter the office. However, when he opened the door, about a dozen of them ran in. They found no bomb there and registered it in their report. In his remarks Mr. Katsora mentioned that there were many strangers during the search.

Activists of “Civil Initiatives” think that the events of 7 and 8 October were a part of the “prophylaxis” aimed at confiscation of the informational materials, prepared for the anti-referendum meeting of 10 October.

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