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A warning to the BPF Candidate in Shklou (Ryhor Kastusiou) was confirmed

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

BPF press group announced about it. On October 4 full Shklou district commission gathered and confirmed the warning made to Ryhor Kastusiou, the BPF candidate, before. He is accused of distribution of leaflets which disgrace the competitor – a current member of Parliament Uladzimir Kanapliou. Kastusiou is accused of doing that through empowered people.
On September 27 the police made a search at Ryhor Kuksau’s (candidate’s assistant) country house in a village Fashchauka and confiscated several “Zubr” newspapers and leaflets about Belarusian policemen. Kanapliou is also on the list.
Shklou district commission chaired by Mikalaj Jaromich unanimously confirmed the warning.
After the commission’s meeting Ryhor forwarded them a complaint in which he described cases when heads of district councils presented all people living in villages with vodka and cheap wine. At the same time they agitated to vote for Kanapliou and against BPF candidate. For example, the head of Ciahinski Council in Bialynicki Region, Mikalaj Shakura, was doing things like that.
Ruhor Kastusiou also informed that in Bialynichy executive authorities made an unofficial order to the heads of all services to provide 60% voting in advance.
As it is known the candidate will be excluded from the campaign in case of the second warning.
BPF Press Group

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