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Longin Pastusiak, Polish Senate’s Chairperson, directed a letter to Henadz Navicki, the Chairperson of the Council of Republic, in which he urged Belarusian authorities to treat equally representatives of different nationalities. Polish Press Agency (PAP) announces.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

- Polish Senate performs a function of a guardian under the polish people who live abroad. Therefore, being Senate’s Chairperson I hope that Belarusian citizens of polish origin will have a possibility to actively participate in life of their country in particular while the Parliamentary elections... The Parliamentary elections attract attention of observers from the whole Europe. This is very good possibility for Belarus to show itself as a country which follows the principles of democracy and protection of Human Rights, - Longin Pastusiak wrote.

The grounds for the appeal of the Polish Senate’s (higher chamber of the Polish Parliament) Chairperson to the Belarusian authorities became refusal to register the Founder of the Union of Polish People in Belarus - Tadeush Havin - and the Head of the Union – Tadeush Kruchkouski as candidates for the deputies positions.

Tadeush Havin was denied in registration on the grounds that 62 nomination signatures in his lists were announced false. According to the Havin’s words local authorities through pressure and lies made people reject their signatures. To prove that he attached 17 appeals of people who confirmed their signatures. Nevertheless, neither Cetral Election Committes nor Supreme Court acknowledged the appeals to be proofs. People who sought for justice were not called to witness.

- I think that the real reason why I was refused in registration were both my oppositional ideas and the fact that I am Polish, - Tadeush Havin commented to the newspaper “Pahomia”.


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