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Two female candidates from Saligorsk were detained by police, almost completely undressed and kept at the police station till 2 o’clock at night (Radio Liberty)

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Larysa Nasanovich and Nina Jarmalinskaja, two local activists of democratic movement, spent half of the night at a police station in Salihorsk tonight. The grounds for detention were several leaflets found with them. According to the police the reason for the arrest was well-founded. A representative of the management of Miensk regional police speaks:
(Hrabko: ) “They were distributing leaflets without date-line. 16 items were confiscated”.
At the same time a representative of Saligorsk branch of Women Party “Nadzeja” claims that the arrest was baseless.:
(Nasanovich: ) “There was an invitation to an approved meeting. These were first signs after the President’s statement where he suggested strictly liquidate all beginnings of free thinking. Our police in Saligorsk worked immediately. We were astonished by the inspection”.
According to the words of the United Civil Party member Nina Jarmalinskaja they were kept at the police station till 2 o’clock in the night:
(Jarmalinskaja: ) “We were led to a separate room and were inspected. We were undressed completely. We were left with only pants on us”.
(Correspondent: ) “Were you undressed by men?”
(Jarmalinskaja: ) “By women. One of them even looked in the pants. I wrote in the appeal: we were detained with infractions of the law and express my protest”.
Mikhal Stelmak, Mensk region. Radio Liberty.

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