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Siarhey Salash, a candidate for the deputy from Barysau, is under the threat of bringing an action

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On September 29 a candidate from BPF party from Barysau, Siarhey Salash, was summoned to the City Office of Public Prosecutor. The Prosecutor’s Deputy let the candidate and his lawyer familiarize with an appeal of City Council Chairperson’s Deputy, Shkutko, with a request to institute legal proceedings against Siarhey Salash. The grounds for the appeal were physical menaces directed against her.
Mrs. Shkutko, who is a Chairperson of City Election Committee, stated in the appeal that Siarhey Salash mentioned during a phone call that he would “get her” and that he would “show her what’s what”. That first happened in 2003 and repeated in August 2004. According to the appeal all the threats were connected to the election campaign and her activity as a CEC Chairperson.
Siarhey Salash gave his explanations to the Prosecutor. He claimed that he never said anything like that; moreover, he spoke Belarusian to Shkutko and she could misunderstand him as she does not speak the language.
At the moment a Prosecutor’s examination is being held and in the nearest time the Prosecutor will make a decision whether to institute legal proceedings against Siarhey Salash.
Siarhey himself considers such actions of the representatives of City Council and Public Prosecution to be political pressure during the election campaign and utmost unwillingness of the city administration to allow his activity as a candidate to the deputies.
Aliaksandar Halieu, the lawyer, does not exclude initiation of proceedings on article 186 of the Criminal code – “threat to life”.

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