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Supreme Court Satisfies 1 Complaint out of 23

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 28 September the Supreme Court heard appeals against denials of registration from potential candidates. Out of 23 appeals the Supreme Court satisfied only one – the appeal filed by Siarhei Yarmak, candidate of the Party of National Consent, running in Homel.

According to Interfax agency, the court turned down the appeals of incumbent MP and member of Respublika group Siarhei Skrabets, and former chair of Union of Poles Tadeusz Gavin. The procedures on other 20 cases are not over yet.

According to the law, the decision of the Supreme Court is the final one. The potential candidates were denied registration by respective district election commissions, and their appeals were rejected by the Central Election Commission. CEC registered 40 out of 164 potential candidates who had been denied registration.
101 potential candidates decided not to appeal the CEC decision. Only 23 candidates filed their appeals to the Supreme Court.


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