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Zubr Holds 2 Actions of Solidarity with Mikhail Marynich

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zubr press-service reports, on 27 September Zubr held 2 actions of solidarity with Mikhail Marynich. The actions marked 5 months Marynich spent in detention.

During the action in Baranavichy 4 activists of the movement were detained. The action took place in the very center of the city near the Eternal Flame. The action started at 4 p.m. During the event young people in Zubr T-shirts held the portraits of the politician with the slogan: “Freedom to Marynich!” The action lasted for 20 minutes. Zubr members were detained during the 21st minute.
Detained Nasta Vasilenka, Artsiom Lastavetski, Alena Petrashka, and Maria Hansetskaya were taken to Baranavichy police department. The young people were charged with violation of Art 167-1 (violation of the legislation on street actions). Young people are still in the police station. Zubr activist Nasta Vasilenka told the press-service on the phone the police officers threatened to keep them in the police station until the morning. One of the detained, Artsiom Lastavetski, is under-aged.

The action in Minsk started at 5. 45 p.m. Four Zubr activists came to the KGB building and attached a Freedom to Marynich poster to a tree. In 15 minutes the poster was taken off by the building security guards. No one was detained.

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