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Zviazda Official Newspaper Insults Honor and Dignity of Zubr Coordinator Mikita Sasim

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zubr movement press service reports, on 24 September issue Zviazda newspaper published an interview with Ihar Buzowski, second secretary of the pro-Lukashenka BRSM youth union. In the interview Buzowski stated: “… Let’s take, for instance, Baranavichy story. Young people, college students, had no opportunity to receive real and truthful information about existing youth organizations and fell for a mere provocation: they joined Zubr. … And the main organizer of the incident, Mr. Sasim, soon was found… abroad, studying in college there…”

Really, young people in Belarus do not have an opportunity to receive truthful information about existing youth organizations. The country has no independent electronic media and almost no independent press. This is the result of the purposeful campaign against the freedom of speech. Dozens of independent newspapers were shut down, several journalists found themselves behind bars. That’s why young people are forced to build their opinions about the situation in the country on barefaced lies published in Zviazda and other mouthpieces of the official propaganda.
Meanwhile, Mikita Sasim, expelled from Baranavichy College of light industry for his political activity, stays in Belarus. He keeps fighting against the dictatorial regime.
“Most probably, the official press has realized that it’s impossible to dig up the dirt on Belarusian fighters for freedom. That’s why they descended to outrageous lies. During Baranavichy events the official press threw mud at young people who refused to join BRSM. I am not surprised now. I am more amazed at incompetence of pocket propagandists who dare to call themselves journalists”, -- comments Mikita Sasim the article in Zviazda.

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