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Belarusian Embassy Urges Russian Media to Give Proper Coverage to Elections and Referendum

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 23 September Belarusian Embassy in Russia addressed management and reporters of Russian mass media about their coverage of Belarusian parliamentary elections and referendum. The Belarusian party “regretted to state” that “some Russian reporters present biased information about Belarusian events in their reports”. The authors of the appeal hope that in the future these journalists will “display propriety and consideration when covering preparations for the parliamentary election, the referendum… and the process of Belarus, Russia integration”.
“It’s bewildering that some reporters actively “transmit” the opinion of the Belarusian opposition members who do not have the real support of the population and do not reflect the public opinion in the country”, -- reads the appeal, -- “We consider it perplexing to see these people on pages and TV screens. The people who do not conceal their anti-Russian position and negative attitude to the present Russian policy towards Belarus”, -- stress the document authors. “We expect that in further coverage and analysis of the relations between our countries all mess media (both Russian and Belarusian) will be standing on constructive and consolidating lines”, -- reads the appeal of the Belarusian Embassy to Russian media.

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