Pupils of Liquidated Humanitarian Lyceum Are Deprived of Room again

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


The police together with the head of housing exploitation service No. 5 paid a visit to the flat in Frantsysk Skaryna Avenue, rented by Viktar Savitski, father of the pupil of the liquidated Belarusian Humanitarian Lyceum Katsiaryna Rakovich. They demanded from the pupils to leave the flat together with the teacher of mathematics. The children refused to do it.

This flat is used for consultations with teachers. When the habitants of the porch where the flat is situated found out that the children who came there were pupils of the liquidated lyceum, they applied to Minsk City Executive Committee. They explained to the teachers they had nothing against the children, but it was the question of honor for them to inform the authorities about the lyceum dislocation.

Head of the housing exploitation service warned that he would find the evidence of misuse of the rented premises and evict the tenant for it.