Declaration of Unity of Democratic Forces of Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Declaration of Unity of Democratic Forces of Belarus

Compatriots, citizens of Belarus!

On 7 September 2004 Aliaksandr Lukashenka declared referendum for continuation of his powers. This statement was made in the day of mourning when blood could be seen on the ruins of the school in Bestlan and funeral meetings were held all over the world for commemoration of the innocent victims of terror. The moment when the attention of Belarusian people and international community is abstracted from the lawlessness of the proposed aim of the referendum and its incompliance with democratic international norms is cynically used.

Lukashenka’s aim is to get the right to be infinitely elected president. For Belarusian people it means existence under lifelong power of one man who proved to be incapable of governing the country and uses cheating, administrative pressurization and falsifications for preservation of his power.

Further stay of Lukashenka at power threats with further decrease of the life standards and complete international isolation of our country.

We, representatives of democratic forces of Belarus, declare our unity and decisiveness for cooperative resistance to the danger of establishment of lifelong boundless one-man rule in Belarus.

We believe that citizens of Belarus deserve to live as other European people’s do, in free and wealthy state which is respected in the world. No one can deprive us of the right to elect and change the government of our country. In order to save this right we are to be equal before law and nobody can be allowed to change the Constitution to his caprice.

The overwhelming majority of citizens of Belarus stand against the continuation of Lukashenka’s powers. We have united in order to make the majority win!

8 September 2004

A. Bukhvostaw, V. Viachorka, S. Kaliakin, A. Karol, A. Liabedzka, A. Sannikaw, M. Statkevich, V. Fralow, R. Baradulin, U. Kolas, I. Kuley, A. Milinkevich, A. Zhuchkow, etc. (the letter is open for signing)

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