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Oppositional Candidate Sues Secretary of Election Commission

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


12 More than twelve thousand of Homel citizens signed for the oppositional politician Viktar Karneyenka. His initiative group decided to take to the commission the minimal number of signatures, sufficient for registration of a candidate.

According to members of the initiative group, while sealing the signature lists, the secretary of election commission, manager of Savetski borough administration of Homel Tamara Hryshchanka said that Karneyenka used and would continue using dirty technologies.

Viktar Karneyenka said he received five applications from members of the initiative group to whom Hryshchanka said that he paid to them 80 cents for each signature and so on.

Mr. Karneyenka said:
-- Having received such written notes about the slandering expression of Hryshchanka, I have the legal right and intend to apply to court, regional executive committee and Central Electoral Commission. I think that this person can’t be objective as a member of election commission.

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