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Several Independent Newspapers Are Suspended

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Head of the department of registration and control of the observance of the law on press of the Ministry of Justice Viktar Huretski confirmed to Belarusian Association of Journalists the information that the newspapers “Vremya”, Predprinimatelskaya Gazeta” and several other independent newspapers were suspended for three months. The ministry explains these actions with its wish to establish order among press.

According to Mr. Huretski the order to suspend “Vremya” was signed on 24 August. The edition is charged with violation of articles 10 and 26 of the law “On press and other mass media”. Pretensions of the ministry concern the juridical address of the editorial board of the newspaper which was allegedly incorrectly printed in the newspaper and was absent in the application for registration of the newspaper. In its turn, the editorial board states it still hasn’t received the official note about the suspension.

“Predprinimatelskaya Gazeta” who renewed its activity in spring after a long break, was suspended on 20 August. The newspaper was charged with having changed its topics (“from productive and legal” to “mass and political”) and the periodicity of its issue without informing the ministry about it. We should remind that on 19 June 2003 the newspaper was suspended on charge of distribution of false information, when it provided its pages to journalists of “Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta” that was suspended at that time.

Besides, Mr. Huretski said that the newspapers “Lyuboy Kapriz” and “Kupliu, prodam, meniayu” were suspended for the same violations “Predprinimatelskaya Gazeta” was.

So, for this fortnight the Ministry of Information suspended 6 independent editions (on 16 August there was signed the order to suspend “Novaya Gazeta Smorgoni” and on 27 August – “Navinki”.

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