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“Civil Alternative” Is Not Registered

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to, on 24 August the office of Homel regional public association “Civil Initiatives” (deprived of official registration a year ago) was examined by workers of Homel regional tax service and Homel regional board of financial investigations of the Committee of State Control.

According to the vice-head of the “Civil Initiatives” Uladzimir Katsora, the visitors wanted to find out what was situated in the building. “Civil Initiatives” have occupied the building of a former shop for several years already. However, the owner of the building didn’t put the shop board away, as a result of which workers of the “Civil Initiatives” had to put the note “There’s No Shop” at the entrance door. Uladzimir Katsora doesn’t think the visit wasn’t a simple sign of interest. The thing is that the head of the organization, Viktar Karniyenka, is going to run for a seat in the Parliament. His rivals are high-level officials.

Volha Astrowskaya

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