Members of Siarhey Salash’s Initiative Groups Are Threatened

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Aliaksandr Papkow and Aliaksandr Budahowski, members of the initiative group of the member of the BPF Party from the city of Barysaw Siarhey Salash are pressurized. In the evening they receive telephone calls from unknown persons with the demands to leave the initiative group and stop collecting signatures for nomination of Siarhey Salash as candidate to the Chamber of Representatives of the Parliament.

At first the strangers asked the members of the initiative group how they became acquainted with Siarhey Salash and why they were working at his initiative group. Then there followed threats such as “if you enjoy your life now, it can change lest you leave the initiative group of this pretender to candidates. When Papkow and Budahowski were asked the persons to introduce themselves, they either kept silent or hanged up the receiver.

It’s quite interesting that the majority of the calls is done by men, but Aliaksandr Budahowski received calls from a woman and there were even more threats.

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