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Anatol Labedzka Goes to Court to Defend His Honor and Reputation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On August 16 Pershamaiski court of Minsk will continue hearings on UCP leader’s suit against BT, ONT, and STV channels. Anatol Labedzka accuses the TV channels in insult of his honor, dignity and business reputation. The ground for the suit was broadcasted film “Road to Nowhere”.
Actually, the whole film is aimed at persuading TV viewers how bad the democratic opposition is. However, there is a part of the film, where its authors, who hide behind pseudonyms Alexander Uyuhin, Georgi Kozyraw, Viktar Nikolski, Uladzimir Zhavaranak, Nadzeya Byvalaya, Ahafya Krasachka, and Siarhei Usataw, directly insult the leader of the United Civic Party.

The film was shown by BT channel on 11 May, and repeated by ONT and STV. In his suit Anatol Labedzka demands to refute the information and to publicize the real names of the film authors.

This is already the second session on the case. The first session took place on July 26 and finished several minutes after the beginning. Representatives of ONT and STV channels did not come to court. Judge Aniskevich read out the official response of deputy chairperson of BT channel Alexander Martynenka. He claims the authors of the “Road to Nowhere” film are not on the channel staff and have not received honoraria. That’s why it’s impossible to find out their real names.

This is not the first attempt of the politicians in opposition to sue the TV channels. However, all previous suits of the opposition members were turned down.

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