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Police Search Apartment of Zubr Activist

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

August 6 several police officers came to the apartment of Nasta Vasilenka, 18. The girl is a member of Zubr youth movement. The policemen had a search warrant. Nasta was told they were investigating a theft of a mobile phone and suspected that the phone was in her apartment. Naturally, they did not find a mobile phone during the search. However, the police found a seized independent newspapers and leaflets, “Zubr” and “Osvobozhdenie” (Liberation) newsletters among them. Nasta Vasilenka is especially concerned about confiscation of her phonebook with phone numbers and addresses of her friends and colleagues.
Zubr leadership believes that the search of Nasta Vasilenka’s flat is an element of the planned campaign to intimidate opposition and young activists in the run-up to the parliamentary election.

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