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Students Protest against Liquidation of European Humanitarian University

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


Students of European Humanitarian University held an action of protest against the liquidation of the higher educational establishment. Many of them refuse to continue their studies at other institutes and stand for their right to study at EHU. Simultaneously, the university administration held a press conference at which it was stated that European Humanitarian University would continue its existence in some other forms.

The action of protest was carried out in the form of artistic performance – the students used textbooks, posters and artworks. During this measure they distributed information about the events in the university and also wrote on the walls of the university in different languages, using paint balloons.

Correspondent: What are you writing?
Student: Return EHU. Our university is being illegally liquidated.
C: Aren’t you afraid to be punished?
S: I’m not afraid. Those who deprive us of the university are to be afraid of responsibility.
Another student: We urge everybody to write personal letters to President and the Ministry of Education. It will be a part of the protest action against the illegal actions of the authorities and violations of fundamental rights and liberties.
One more student: We won’t surrender. If we are treated like that, we will react to it.

EHU students call this step of the authorities politically motivated and support the lecturers and the rector Anatol Mikhaylaw.

Now Anatol Mikhaylaw and EHU vice-rector Uladzimir Dunayew are in the USA where they negotiate with founders of international educational centers concerning the possibility to save the university.

At the same time, the EHU administration has begun transferring its students to other educational establishments of Minsk and the students stated they would prepare for the action of protest they intend to hold on 5 August.

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