Police Dates Back Detention Reports in Navapolatsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 24 June Polatsk activists of the People’s Coalition “5+” Zmitser Salawiow, Aliaksey Trubkin and Ina Barysevich were detained by the police and taken to Navapolatsk City Board of Internal Affairs. There the policemen confiscated 1 710 fly-sheets with agitation against the third presidential term for A. Lukashenka, which belonged to Salawiow. They drew neither detention reports nor reports about administrative violation and didn’t give to Zmitser Salawiow a copy of the confiscation report either. On 25 June Salawiow complained to Navapolatsk City Prosecutor’s Office against the illegal actions of the police. The prosecutor’s office sent to him an answer, from which one can conclude that the police composed detention reports having released the detainees and then dated back the detention reports. Here’s an excerpt from the answer of the prosecutor’s office:

“The minutes of the administrative detention of Solovyov D.S., Trubkin A.A. and Borisrevich were also attached to the materials of the check-up. In these minutes it was specified that the detainees refused to sign them.” In fact, they didn’t refuse to sign the reports, but the reports weren’t composed during their detention at Navapolatsk CBIA.

Only from this answer Zmitser Salawiow managed to find that “on 30 June 2004 the police inspector of Navapolatsk CBIA, police major Fedorovich A.A. composed the report about administrative violation upon part 3 of Article No. 172 of the Code of Administrative Violations of the Republic of Belarus that was filed to the administrative commission of Navapolatsk City Executive Commission for consideration. According to the note that was made in the report, Solovyov D.S. refused to put down his explanations concerning the administrative violation in the report and didn’t sign it.”

One can find many interesting things in answers of prosecutor’s offices. Salawiow could be fined and know nothing about it, as he saw neither Fedarovich, nor the report he composed.