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Labor Party to Face Liquidation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Justice Ministry filed the liquidation claim to the Supreme Court.
Labor party leader Alexander Bukhvostaw and his colleagues from the People’s Coalition Five Plus believe the authorities have started to clear the field before the parliamentary elections.

The state information agency was told by the Justice Ministry press service, the Belarusian Labor Party had allegedly violated the legislation on the issues of legal addresses of its structures in Vitebsk, Hrodna, and other regions. The party is also accused of providing inaccurate data, ignoring the requests of the Ministry and other “gross violations”.
Alexander Bukhvostaw listed the following claims the Justice Ministry has: “they have raised the issue that out party is a member of the People’s Coalition. We made a clarification that it was not the party, but party members planning to participate in the election were members of the coalition. The party, as an entity, does not belong to any unregistered coalitions. They also incriminate spreading the platform of the unregistered coalition and signature of the letter in support of the Narodnaya Vola. I think they are using our party to polish up the attack on other political parties”.
The leader of Belarusian Labor Party believes the initiative of the authorities is directly linked to the parliamentary elections. Recently the Justice Ministry officials have shown interest in the activities of BSDH, BPF and other parties in opposition. Stanislaw Shushkevich and Vincuk Viachorka believe the authorities might try to liquidate other political parties just before the election.

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