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Mikhail Marynich Files Open Letter to KGB Head and Prosecutor General

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In his open letter to Leanid Yeryn and Viktar Sheyman Mikhail Marynich accused them of supporting the dictatorship that is being established in Belarus. “We know better than other state officials about the results of the dictatorial policy for the country. It results in blooming corruption and bribery in all business and power structures”, -- wrote Mikhail Marynich. He believes that in such conditions President is to retire, whereas instead of it in Belarus everything is made to illegally prolong his power. Marynich is of the opinion that Leanid Yeryn and Viktar Sheyman are afraid to execute the law and stop persecutor of opponents of “one man’s” dictatorial cravings.

According to Marynich, the authorities dislike that he openly stands against the country’s degradation, urges to pull off the political and economical abyss, poverty and self-isolation, demand to publicize the truth why well-known opponents of the authorities disappear without notice. In his letter Marynich states that he didn’t violate the constitution in order to change the Aliaxandr Lukashenka’s political course. He asks Viktar Sheyman and Leanid Yaryn: “Why are you so afraid of me that keep me behind bolt and bar with every means, even lawless?” and warns that he can start a hunger-strike lest he is set free.

Based on information of RFE/RL

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