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Students and Teachers of Yakub Kolas Hold Meeting at the Gate of the Closed Lyceum Building From June 1 the students’ parents are to hold everyday pickets near the building, the students are to join them from June 15

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the morning after the graduation prom the lyceum teachers, students, and their parents gathered on Kiraw Street near the lyceum building. Lyceum principal Uladzimer Kolas thanked everybody.
Franak Viachorka, 3rd year student, head of Students’ Council, spoke about the actions they plan for the future. Everyday 5-7 people will watch the building. If they see any attempts to destroy the building again, they are supposed to alarm the others in order to organize protest actions. Franak Viachorka expressed everybody’s hope that in the future they would be able to come back and have classes in the building.
The students will join their parents on watch from June 15, having taken all exams. During two summer months they plan to hold many actions in support of the lyceum. They hope the public will insist on the end of the persecution of the lyceum.
The gathering was closely watched by several dozen of police officers both in plain clothes and uniform.
The teachers summed up the students’ results of the exams they had taken. Students received better grades at the exams they took in ordinary schools as external students than the grades they got at internal lyceum exams.
Now the lyceum holds admission exams. In spite of the extreme circumstances, many parents let their kids to study at the lyceum.

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