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Secretary of Brest Communist Party Organization Warned for Leaflets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On May 27, 2004 Administrative Commission of Leninski borough of Brest considered the case against Mikalai Shekel. The secretary of Brest organization of Communist Party was charged with distribution of leaflets of the people’s Coalition “Five Plus” – “Five Steps to Better Life”.
Lawyer Uladzimer Malei represented Mikalai Shykel’s interests. He presented the proofs that the text on the leaflets did not damage the state order, thus the case was to be dropped for the absence of the corpus delicti. The hearing was many times interrupted by loud exhortations of the commission member in the uniform of a police major: “Chill out! I suggest a warning! Does it suit you?”
Head of the administrative commission Viachaslaw Khafizaw ruled to punish Mikalai Shekel with a warning. Khafizaw read out some quotes from the leaflet “Five Steps to Better Life”: “To provide for economic upsurge! To stimulate creation of jobs! To refuse from the self-isolation policy!” and answered: Don’t the authorities do it already? Is Belarus isolating itself? Of course you are damaging the state order! Your leaflet is directed against consolidation of society and against the government!”
Mikalai Shekel does not agree with the punishment and plans to complain against it in court.

Uladzimir Vialichkin

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