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Mikola Markevich Complains to Prosecutor’s Office

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 18 May Mikola Markevich complained to Hrodna Regional Prosecutor’s Office against the actions of Hrodna Regional KGB Board that a week ago searched office Hrodna branch of Belarusian Language Society and took away documents and equipment. Mr. Markevich, head of the BLS branch and the editor of the “Den” newspaper, thinks that this search was made with gross violations of the law. He demands to return the confiscated equipment and punish the persons guilty.

The complaint to Hrodna regional prosecutor Vasil Litvinaw enumerates a number of violations committed by the KGB workers. M. Markevich points at the difference between the stated aim of the search and real actions of the group. The search was made within the limits of the criminal case on distribution of “anti-presidential” fly-sheets on 7 May. However, the KGB workers were mostly interested in the files that were created after 7 May. “It makes me think that during the search they pursued goals that weren’t related to investigation of the criminal case. … May be, the KGB workers wanted to hinder my professional activity”, -- said Mikola Markevich in his interview to the press service of “Belarusian Association of Journalists”.

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