KGB Tries to Enroll “Zubr” Activist

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the press-service of the “Zubr” movement, the “Zubr” activist Mikhail N. was detained by the police in Asipovichy on 3 May for posting of fly-sheets with “Zubr” logo and contact phone. Mikhail was taken to local military unit, on the territory of which local KGB Board was situated. Here he had a talk with the man who introduced himself as Ihar Anatolyevich. He was interested in the activity of “Zubr” in Asipovichy and the whole country and the sources for its financing.

When the youngster said he didn’t have such information, the KGB worker advised him to get acquainted with as many activists of the movement as possible and pass to him the obtained information. At the end of the talk he gave to the fellow his working and mobile phone numbers and proposed to “phone if necessary”. Then Mikhail gave written explanations and was let go.