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Police Detains UCP Activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the UCP press-service, on 14 April the activists of the United Civil Party Vital Rymashewski and Yury Bychkowski were detained at the check-point of Minsk Factory of Wheel Tractors while handing-out the fly-sheets “Five steps to better life”.

All in all, there were about 15 persons handed out the fly-sheets. Among whom there were UCP members and representatives of the liquidated youth organization Youth Christian-social Union “Young Democrats”. “We immediately noticed the people in plain clothes who knew about the action and awaited us. In 10 minutes they came to each of us and interfered with our actions. Then they called for the police who used violence against those who continues handing out the flysheets”, -- says Vasil Rymashewski.

The detained activists Vital Rymashewski and Yury Bychkowski were taken to Minsk Zavadski Borough Board of Internal Affairs. The police confiscated the flysheets and directed them for expertise in order to find where they were printed and whether they contained any subversive urges.

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