KGB Tries to Enroll Young Front Member

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

KGB made an attempt to recruit Zmitser Kykhlei, 25, chairperson of Masty district organization of Young Front.
Zmitser Kukhlei was detained by police on Lida railway station. They searched his belongings and seized some copies of the unregistered human rights newsletter, reports RFE/RL.
He was detained on 21 March. Shortly after two KGB officers invited him for a talk. They talked in the building of a district newspaper. They asked Zmitser about his political beliefs, and made inquiries about Young Front. According to Zmitser, somewhere in the middle of the conversation they suggested he should cooperate with them. ?#152;'One of them even got out a brochure of the Law on the KGB activity and quoted some extracts: that everything is legal, and that I can cooperate with them at my own will. They also mentioned financial and other motives for cooperation. Young Front member refused to cooperate with the KGB.